2014 weekly slider
Starting April 15

Amatuer Divisions:
$7 Entry Fee *Save $2 and become a club member*
Pro Division:
$12 Entry Fee *Save $2 and become a club member*
$1 Ace Pot
$1 CTP

Check in 5:00pm
Tee Time 5:30pm (6:00pm tee time beginning May 6)

Format: Singles (scratch score)

Top 1/3rd places paid out each week. Divisions for all skill levels.
Pros paid in cash and Amateurs paid out in disc golf merchandise.

2014 Points Race

Beginning April 15, players will compete for prizes and entry into a season ending playoff. Players will earn points based on participation and finishing position over the entire field. Players will also compete in their respective divisions and earn points toward divisional prizes.

The season will last 20 weeks and end Aug 26th. There will not be any makeup dates for rainouts. The divisional winners will be determined by the highest points total at the end of the weekly on Aug 26th. The playoffs will begin in September. No minimum weeks played needed to be in the points race.

2014 Weekly Playoff

2014 Points Race Payout

2014 Weekly Event Results: