Club Meeting Minutes – June 12, 2013

Attendees: John R., Tim D., Aaron B., Lauren B., Erin P., Jenn D., Walt W., Kat D., Tommy D., Alex M., Jim S., Gina S., Hugh W., Sean M.

2013 Accomplishments

  • Successfully held 2 B-tier Tournaments; Spring Pro/Am and No Quarter at New Quarter
  • No Quarter at New Quarter had the largest turnout ever; a huge thank you to Del for the awesome taco bar
  • Both events had positive feedback from players
  • has been updated
  • Joe R. created a great promo video for the club

Club Membership and Financial Status

  • Currently 44 members
  • $10 membership option greatly increased membership; there are very limited t-shirts remaining for $25/30 memberships, so $10 membership may be the only option for the remainder of 2013
  • Alternate t-shirt options are requested from those who have contacts; players are interested in smaller number of shirt purchases for club logo shirts.  If a suitable option is available we will consider this for 2013, otherwise, alternatives from Paragon are requested for 2014 membership ideas.  This will be a discussion topic at the July meeting — please have vendors name with quotes/options available for discussion.
  • Ice Bowl: broke even on tournament costs
  • Spring Pro/Am: still have remaining tournament merchandise
  • No Quarter: did not cover
  • Sponsorship information available on

Club Visibility

  • Website: updated; working on a “shopping cart” option for future tournament payment options; 
  • Facebook: FB still being utilized to communicate club events and news in addition to website.
  • Newspaper: NNDGC and New Quarter Park featured in an article in the Virginia Gazette, 6/12/13.
  • Others: will continue to keep PDGA information up to date for future tournaments (registration and results)

Scheduled Events

  • Nightmare at New Quarter: think about options for between rounds; alternate ideas from pumpkin carving such as tiki course or mini course
  • Fall Colors: need to begin planning for this fall tournament
  • Sleigh-bell Soiree: no discussion

Potential Event(s)

  • Ace Race: Larry M. & John N. working on options for an Ace Race (non-discraft); date to be determined – should be set by next meeting
  • Super Class (NNP): Alternate PDGA event idea; would need to look into this type of event; option to do in August/September, depending on date of Ace Race
  • Consideration of possible A-tier in 2014/15 — need 1 year to notify PDGA and planning
  • Would like to consider the possibility of planning an end-of-year club party

Subcommittee discussion

  • Park/Course Interface, Development and Maintenance: need to setup additional work days (lead John R.)
  • Non Sanctioned Events: meeting to discuss and plan upcoming non-sanctuned events to be set for July (lead Aaron B.)
  • Sponsorship and Fundraising: meeting to be set for July (lead Lauren B.)
  • Graphics, Awards, Trophies, & Media: will be reviewing and coordinating logos and awards for upcoming tournaments (lead Tim D.)

Member Announcements

  • None

Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 10th, 2013; Newport News Park Campground Site