2017 Summer Weeklies

2017 Summer Weeklies
Beginning March 14, 2017

Sign up begins at 5:00pm Start time at 5:30pm

**May 2 – Sept 12 sign up 5:30pm – start 6:00pm**

Tuesday Night Weekly

The weekly is a place for beginning players to learn the game of disc golf, as well as, provide a place for the more skilled players to compete and continue to improve their skills. The weekly is an organized tournament and play is governed by PDGA and park rules. The weekly promotes the fun of disc golf and supports the growth of the sport through many other club events held throughout the year.

March 14 through April 4

The first four weeks will be doubles team play using different formats. The intention is to have recreational and intermediate players play with pro and advanced players. This has proven to be a lot of fun and a great learning opportunity for a beginning player.

April 11 through Sept 12

Divisions based on skill level will divide the field and individual (singles) scoring will be used. The following four divisions are offered: Open, Advanced, Intermediate, and Recreational. The Open division is open to all players to compete and is often referred to as the pro division. The Advanced, Intermediate, and Recreational divisions are considered amateur divisions. The Open division pays out cash each week for the lowest scratch scores. Payout for the amateur divisions will be in the form of points. Points awarded each week will go toward Play it Again Sports gift cards or club merchandise at the event. Members can accumulate (or ‘bank’) the points to go toward better items at a later time. The Open, Adv, and Int divisions play a variety of course layouts during the summer including gold tees. The Recreational division plays from the white tees for the majority of the summer and prizes are awarded using scratch scores. Each division will also compete in a monthly combined scratch score payout. An optional Ace Pot and CTP (closest to the pin) contest will also be offered throughout the summer.

Entry Fees:

Open Division — $10
$7 – scratch score (100% payout)
$1 – 20th Fall Colors fund
$1 – monthly scratch score (100% payout)
$1 – park/club fee

Advanced/Intermediate/Recreational — $6
$3 – scratch score (100% payout)
$1 – 20th Fall Colors fund
$1 – monthly scratch score (gift card payout)
$1 – park/club fee

Ace Pot – $1 (optional)
The ace pot payout is capped at $250 for each ace. The ace pot is split equally between multiple aces when the ace pot is below $500.

20th Fall Colors CTP contest — $1 (optional)
-(50/50 payout)-
Each week, a shot with varying difficulty but within range of all players is used. The player’s disc closest to the basket’s pole will be considered the winner. Except, when a player wins by throwing their disc into the basket and the disc remains in the basket, chains, or on top of the basket. This includes a disc stuck in the side of the basket entering from the outside. The 50/50 payout will be contributing to making our first A-tier a success.


Open Division Weekly Scratch Score
The Open division pays out cash week to the top 1/3 of the field for the lowest scratch scores.

Amateur Divisions Weekly Scratch Score
The Advanced, Intermediate, and Recreational divisions pay out in Points to the top 1/3 of each respective division based on lowest scratch score. Points may be redeemed for Play Again Sports gift cards or club merchandise, or club members may choose to ‘bank’ them for later.

Monthly Scratch Score
Players must compete on all Tuesday nights in the given month to qualify for monthly scratch score payout. The player(s) in each division with the lowest combined scratch score win. Payout is based on the division’s total attendance for that given month. Payout for the Open division will be cash and the remaining divisions will be in merchandise/gift cards.

Gift cards
In an effort to provide players with a greater selection of discs and merchandise, the weekly is being sponsored by Play it Again Sports of Newport News/Chesapeake. Points accumulated during the Tuesday Night Weekly may be redeemed for gift cards. Gift cards are valid at all participating Play it Again Sports and may be used for all store merchandise unless otherwise specified. The gift cards will be given out at the end to season. Open players may elect to cash in their points for cash at anytime. Points will be redeemed for a cash value of 75% of the total points accumulated. (20 points = $15) Players may redeem their points for gift cards earlier with advance notice.